Our Mission

Intelligent skincare created for you.

  • Simply Clean
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Cruelty Free
  • Simply Clean
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Cruelty Free
  • Simply Clean
  • Environmentally Conscious
  • Cruelty Free

Trial and error that happens in the lab, not on your skin.

The biochemistry in our bodies is a little complicated. But skincare? That should be simple. We're the only brand that combines your lifestyle factors with your genetics, to build a more intelligent routine. It's caring for your skin today, and future-proofing it for tomorrow.

A team redefining beauty

Vanessa Hudgens knows that beauty comes from looking within and loving your skin unconditionally. Together with Chief Medical Officer Dr. Avnee Shah, KNOW was born with a goal of setting smarter standards for skincare.

The beauty industry needs a look in the mirror.

For years we’ve been sold promises of “perfection.” But instead of measuring ourselves against other people’s appearances, KNOW is changing the narrative to focus on individualized skincare. It's about discovering what's right for you.

We know skin, inside and out.

Lifestyle Factors

Your climate, diet, mental health and daily habits can all have an (almost) instant impact your skin. We can help reinvent your routine, without the guesswork.

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DNA Factors

Is your skin prone to conditions like pigmentation or sensitivity? Taking a close look at your genes can help you future-proof your skin health.

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    Fine Lines
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Analyze Your Skin DNA

Doing Our Part For The Environment

At KNOW, we’re committed to doing our part for the planet. Just like our bodies, our environment is a reflection of what we put in it.

  • Conscious Formulas
  • Recyclability
  • Better Packaging

Our range was developed in partnership with Chief Medical Officer and Dermatologist Dr. Avnee Shah. Within every formula, Dr. Avnee's goal is to use only the highest quality, clinically-proven ingredients that benefit your skin, and exclude the rest.

Our formulas are free from unnecessary additions such as phthalates, sulfates, mineral oil, and parabens.  We have a stringent, non-negotiable “No” list that guides all of our product formulations.

Here at KNOW Beauty we care about being kind to the planet and mindful of our impact. Most of our products are recyclable. We recommend recycling empty, freshly washed bottles and containers according to your state's recycling guidelines. We’re also big fans of reusing our containers for storage or travel beauty containers. 

Our boxes are 100% recyclable and responsibly sourced. They’re produced with FSC-certified materials and even the tape used for closing the shipping box is recyclable! Boxes are printed using water-based ink. No plastic or PVC here.