Madison's Journey

Co-Founder of KNOW Beauty, Madison Beer has helped build a brand to instill self-confidence, self-love, and self-care through products that are tailored to your unique skin.

Q & A with Madison Beer

We sat down with Madison to talk more about KNOW Beauty, some of her favorite products, mental health, and her skincare routine.

Q: Why did you decide to start KNOW Beauty? 

Madison: “I didn't really care about skin care at all in high school, and then I got really really bad acne when I was 17 out of nowhere... There were no products that were helping me, there was nothing that was working, and I just felt like there was nothing out there.

Q: Have you ever struggled with acne? How did you deal with it?

Madison: “I want people to understand I went through such a hard time with acne. It does take a toll on your mental health. You look in the mirror, and you're just crippled by it. I want to be super candid about my journey, and normalize that everyone gets acne. It’s human, it’s normal, and it’s okay to have acne.”

Madison's Mental Health Journey

Q: How has taking good care of your skin also resulted in better mental health?

Madison: “I look back at the time I was struggling so much with my acne. I was in such a dark place… It's not a coincidence that now I'm in such a better place and my skin has gotten better.  My skin has gotten better because I've started feeling better mentally and… being kinder to myself.

Q: You’ve always been super open about your own mental health journey. What do you want people to know?

Madison: Today kids grow up scrolling on social media, and they see perfection all day every day. That can be really daunting and hard on a growing child's mental health. It can give them a false perception of what is real. I want to take away this perfection ideal that a lot of people have and showcase that we’re all human, and there's no difference between anybody. We all struggle in the same way.”

What is Your Skincare Routine

Q: Which Know Beauty product is your favorite?

Madison: “Calming Day Moisturizer is definitely my favorite. It moisturizes dry skin making it feel smooth and fresh and does an amazing job reducing redness and irritation. It’s easy to remember to use this in the morning and at night as it just feels and makes you look so good.  I would definitely vote it as the number one Madison Beer skin care product!

I also love the Clarifying Cleanser! I used to use so many different cleansers serving various purposes for my skin. Some were great for getting rid of excess oil, some great for soothing breakouts, but I wanted all of those benefits in one place. So I created it.

Immediately after using the clarifying cleanser, I’m not joking, my skin feels so soft. A lot of other cleansers I’ve used in the past made my skin feel really stripped and dry. I want my skin to feel nourished, and the Clarifying Cleanser is great for that.”

Q: What skin care product do you use in the summer?

Madison: “Recently, I got sunburned horrifically, and I didn’t have any aloe with me, and I didn’t know what to put on my face. Then I was like ‘oh I have my Calming Day Moisturizer, you know, calming, should work’, and it helped soothe my skin. It has chamomile, hemp oil, and other ingredients that make your skin feel nice and calm, and it helped my sunburn significantly.”

Cleanse, Treat, Moisturize

Clarifying Cleanser

“Immediately after using the Clarifying Cleanser, I’m not joking, my skin feels so soft.”

  • Oily Skin
  • Acne-Prone
Make a clear difference with this creamy exfoliating cleanser. The non-foaming formula helps clear away dirt, oil and debris that can lead to breakouts and blackheads—without leaving skin tight or dry. A blend of Salicylic, Glycolic and Lactic Acids sweep away build-up on skin’s surface, and penetrate deep inside pores to unclog oil and impurities.

Resurfacing Night Serum

“This Resurfacing Night Serum is great for gently exfoliating and brightening, and it doesn’t irritate my skin at all.”

  • Oily Skin
  • Acne-Prone
Formulated with 1% Granactive Retinoid, this silky overnight serum reduces the appearance of blemishes (and prevents new ones from forming!), visibly brightens up dullness and discoloration, and helps smooths the look of rough texture from past breakouts. Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid work synergistically to reveal a clearer, smoother, and brighter complexion.


“This applicator is so great because I like putting the Calming Day Moisturizer directly on my face instead of on my hands first.”

  • Dry Skin
  • Sensitive Skin
  • Rosacea
Sensitive skin? Don’t stress. This ultra-lightweight, nourishing moisturizer helps calm signs of redness and inflammation while supporting your natural moisture barrier, so skin is better able to defend against daily irritants. Packed with skin-calming ingredients like Hemp Extract, Chamomile, and Calendula for anti-inflammatory, redness-reducing and hydrating benefits.


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