When you look in the mirror and your forehead resembles a screenshot of a google map covered in red dots, it’s time to get serious about your forehead acne situation. Of course, anyone who is prone to breakouts knows all too well that acne does not only show up on the forehead, but it is certainly one of the top three areas it appears. Along with the nose and chin, this area is often referred to as the “T-Zone” and is the most common area for acne to present it’s annoying self.

What Is Acne?

Acne is simply the outcome of clogged pores, and the longer those pores remain blocked, the worse the acne breakout will be. When the pores remain plugged up, oil and bacteria build up beneath the skin surface until the follicles start to get aggravated and inflamed and then  pimples pop up.

SIx Common Causes of Forehead Acne

  • Neglect - while some may claim they do nothing to care for their absolutely perfect complexion, there is no question that for most people, lack of a consistent skin care regimen can cause unwelcome acne and other skin problems.
  • Stress - it’s unclear whether stress itself is actually a cause of acne, but it has definitely been proven that stress can aggravate it.
  • Diet - high fat, high carb, and sugary foods can trigger acne problems or make an existing acne situation even worse.
  • Heredity - if either or both parents had acne, chances are higher you will too.
  • Hormones - changes that take place during puberty in both boys and girls cause hormones to increase and that often leads to teenage acne. Also, the changes that take place for a woman towards the time of menopause can trigger hormones that cause adult acne breakouts to occur.
  • Environment - constant exposure to dirt, pollutants, oil and other irritants.

Best Methods for Treating Forehead Acne

    • Maintain A Routine - At a minimum, wash your face thoroughly—a.m. and p.m.— with a  good facial cleanser that is formulated for oily or combination skin. Follow up with a nourishing moisturizer to restore  hydration. A detoxifying facial mask can also work wonders to  draw out excess oil and impurities and clear pores.
    • Act Fast -When a breakout of acne appears, it’s essential to take action quickly to clear the area and help skin  heal. 
    • Clear The Area - Sweat is a great way for your body to eliminate toxins, but sweat can be a trigger for acne.. If you’re prone to perspiration, avoid caps, hats, headbands that can trap sweat on your forehead. After a workout, use a facial cleansing cloth or even a quick rinse with water  to quickly remove  surface impurities.
    • Eat Well - eating low-glycemic foods that are loaded with vitamins A,C, E,zinc, and natural antioxidants can contribute to a better overall complexion and fewer breakouts.
    • Medicate - when home-care methods are not proving effective in getting rid of a breakout,  a trip to a reputable dermatologist can be beneficial. There are various oral meds that help treat severe acne, as well as prescription topical skin treatments to get the problem under control.

Having a clear understanding of the contributing factors to Forehead and T-Zone acne can be very helpful in finding a workable solution to getting rid of it once and for all.