William Shakespeare once said “ the eyes are the windows to the soul”, which we understand to mean that it is possible to read another person’s thoughts and feelings by gazing into their eyes. Since our eyes are such a focal point on our face and convey so much about us to others, it’s no wonder why so much attention is given to eye care, and keeping them looking bright and attractive. 

The eyes are one of the most obvious places on our face to show signs of stress and aging. Since the skin around our eyes is so delicate, it’s important to give it the care and attention it deserves. Starting when you are young and maintaining a good skin care routine is one of the keys to keeping your face, and especially your eyes, looking fresh and youthful as you age.

Four of the most common concerns regarding the eye area are:

  • Swelling/puffiness under the eye
  • Dark circles, shadows or other type of pigmentation
  • Exceptionally dry skin
  • Tiny lines, wrinkles and crow's feet

Whether you’ve already got one or more of these eye issues happening, or you’re trying to avoid it from happening anytime soon, you will definitely benefit from the use of an eye cream as part of your daily skin care program.

How to Apply Your Eye Cream

When it comes to the application, it’s pretty basic. There’s no fancy brushes or applicators required. 

Just keep the following 5 points in mind:

  • Use a VERY small amount —like the size of a small bean
  • Utilize a LIGHT touch when applying—experts recommend using your ring finger since it’s the weaker finger 
  • Dot the eye cream under the lash line and above the brow
  • Avoid the eyelids and the inner corners where cream can irritate your eyes
  • Pat the cream onto the skin gently—avoid smearing or dragging it along the under eye.

Choose a richer eye cream for night time and a lighter one for daytime, especially if you'll apply make up such as concealer and foundation in the morning, you want something light that will absorb quickly and allow for a clean makeup application to follow. For dark circles and excessive pigmentation under the eyes, a brightening eye cream can work wonders.